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January 20, 2011

zamanin nasil gectigini takvimden degil de tirnaklarinin uzunluguna bakip sasirarak anliyorsan bu iste bir gariplik vardir di mi Cevat abi? mekanda kaybolmak tamam ama zamanda kaybolmak…simdi boku yedik iste. cumleten gecmis olsun.


January 7, 2011

During the last 200 years, blackbirds left the forests and became city birds. First in England in the 18th century. Then in Paris and in the Ruhr. During the 19th century, they invaded all the cities in Europe. They settled in Vienna and Prague around 1900. Then they went east, taking over Budapest, Belgrade and Istanbul.

For the planet Earth the blackbird’s invasion of man’s world is far more significant than the conquest of South America or the return of the Jews to Palestine. The modification of relations between species, fish, birds, men, plants is a modification of a higher order than the changes in relations between groups of the same species.

Bohemia may have been occupied by the Celts and the Slavs and Bessarabia conquered by the Russians or the Rumanians. The earth couldn’t care less. But a blackbird betraying nature to follow man in his artificial universe that’s what changes the organization of the planet.